Legend:  spicy spicy  

1. Spring Rolls (Por Pia Tod)

Vegetable & glass noodles served with plum sauce (4)

2. Satay( SATAY )

Choice of chicken, beef, pork or lamb with peanut sauce (4)

9. Lettuce Wrap (Nam Prik Aung) SpicySpicy

Minced chicken or beef stir fried with special sauce

7. Lemon Chicken (Manao Gai)

Deep fried battered chicken breast with Thai lemon sauce

3. Tofu (Taohu)

Deep fried tofu with special house sauce

5. Calamari (Plamuk)

Marinated squid fried with special house sauce

4. Shrimp Cake (Man Goong)

Deep fried shrimp cake with plum sauce (2)

6. Chicken Wings (Peek Gai Tod)

Deep fried wings with Thai garlic plum sauce (10)

8. Fish (Pla Tod)

Deep fried marinated fish fillet served with special house sauce