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43. Ginger Beef (Neua Jien) Spicy

Crispy beef with ginger sauce
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44. Cashew Chicken (Gai Pad Mamung Hin Mapan) SpicySpicy

Chicken with bell pepper, onions, cashew nuts & chilli sauce
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46. Sweet & Sour Chicken (Gai Pad Priew Waan)

Chicken with seasonal vegetable and sweet & sour sauce
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47. Beef & Green Bean (Neua Pad Prig Khing) SpicySpicy

Stir fried beef with green bean & curry paste
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40. Basil Leaves (Pad Gaprao) SpicySpicy

Chicken, beef or pork with basil leaves, onions, mushrooms, bell peppers...
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48. Peppery Pork (Pad Moo) Spicy

Marinated pork fried with pepper, chilli & onion
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49. Swimming Angel (Pra Lunm Gai)

Spinach & bean sprouts with chicken topped with peanut sauce. Contains...
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45. Black Bean Sauce (Pad Namman) Spicy

Chicken, beef or pork with snow peas, onions, bell pepper & Thai black...
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51. Vegetable with Chicken or Beef (Gai or Neua Pad Pak)

Choice of sauce, oyster, garlic chilli, Thai black bean or house sauce
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42. Ginger & Onion (Pad Khing)

Chicken, beef or pork with fresh ginger, onion, mushroom
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41. Garlic Sauce (Pad Gratiem)

Chicken, beef or pork with garlic sauce on a bed of spinach
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50. Crispy Chicken (Si Iew Gai Tod) Spicy

Deep fried halved chicken topped with Thai si-iew sauce (half)